P1 New Building 


General Arrangement Drawing

Short specification - 53,95m White Fish Trawler


Main Particulars:  
Length overall 
Length p.p.
Breadth moulded
Depth 1. deck
Depth 2. deck 
Depth 3. deck
Depth at back-deck
Wet Fish hold
Fuel oil tanks
Fresh water tanks
Ballast tanks 
Accommodation for
Trial speed
Gross tonnage
= 53,95 m.
= 53,95 m.
= 13,00m.
= 4,80 m
= 5,20 m
= 8,00 m
= 10,40 m
= 12,80 m
approx. 870 m³refrigerated to 0°C.
approx. 200 m³ est.
approx 55 m³ est.
approx 20 m³ est.
24 crew members.
= 12 knots.
about 1600GT.

Main machinery:

Main engine, MAN/B&W Alpha 2720kW.
Propeller Alpha 3500mm in diameter.
Auxiliary engines, Caterpillar3508B 1129HP 1500RPM
Electric current, 400/230V AC-50HZ
Bowthruster 200HP.


Deck equipment:  
Two Trawl winches with drums
for 3000m of 28mm
Four Sweepline winches
Gilson winches
Shooting out winch
Codend winch
Bobbins winch
Cable winch
Two backstropf winches
Four Sweepline winches 
Deck crane with 3t. Winch and 12m boom
Rapp Hydema 35tx40m/min
Rapp Hydema 10tx40m/min
Rapp Hydema 15t x 37m/min
Rapp Hydema 3t x 45m/min
Rapp Hydema 15t x 30m/min
Rapp Hydema 3t x 45m/min
Rapp Hydema 4t x 4000m cable
Rapp Hydema 2t x 40m/min
Rapp Hydema 10tx40m/min
36 t/m 360° rotation

Wheel house equipment:
According to the buyer’s wishes.

Fish process equipment:
Specially designed for individual buyers needs

The accommodation comprises:
Eleven cabins with twenty two berths and two single cabins.
Other quarters shall also be designed to fit a crew this size

The vessel will fulfil all requirements for stability and safety.

Painting and corrosion protection:
The vessel will be built of sandblasted and primed steel.
After building the vessel will be painted with Urethane paint.
Corrosion protection with impressed current system