Steel Projects :

Since 2004 Radgardur Ship Consulting Ltd. has dealt with supervision of Steel Construction and has been representative in China for European and Icelandic parties.

Radgardur' s employees situated in China are Bolli Magnusson, Naval Architect and Xu Chin Hui, Naval Engineer. They supervise and attend quality control under the steel projects construction.

● Skogarsel






● Nordural Potroom



● IKEA Kauptun
● BYKO Kauptun
● BYKO Skarfabakkar
● Korputorg
● KSÍ Laugardalur Sports Stand
● Bauhaus Outlet building
● Bridge over Mjoifjordur
● Egilshöll Hall
● Tungumelar, Service house for ÍSTAK
● Project for Phil og Sön in Danmark and England
● Vodaphone Hall
● Kauptún 3
● The University in Reykjavik
● Kaplakriki 
● Asgardur