P2  New Building


General Arrangement Drawing


Short Specification - 38,00m Quahog Dredging Vessel

Fossá ÞH-362


Main Particulars:  
Length overall 
Length p.p.
Breadth moulded
Depth to main deck
Hold capacity
Fuel oil tanks
Fresh water tanks
Ballast tanks 
Accommodation for
Trial speed
Gross tonnage
= 38,89 m.
= 35,50 m.
= 9,40 m.
= 3,00 m 
= 4,00 m
66 cages 1,15x1,15x1, 80m.
approx. 90 m³ 
approx 15 m³ 
approx 15 m³ 
8 crew members.
= 11 knots.
approx.290 GT. 

 Main machinery:
Main engine, Caterpillar 3512B, 746kW at 1200RPM.
CP propeller, 2100 mm in diameter.
2 Auxiliary engines, Cummins 6BT5,9-G2, 90kW at 1500RPM.
Electric current, 3x400V AC-50HZ
Bowthruster 150HP.

Deck equipment:  
3 Double hydraulic pumps for running the systems
1 control panel in wheelhouse
1 Servo pump
2 Dredger wire winch hydraulic motors
3 Auxiliary winch
Sorting machine
2 Electrical driven windlasses for 24 mm chain and wire cable
2 V tilting cylinders
1 Hydraulic deck crane
1 Hydraulic oil cooler 
1 Hopper with belt conveyor
Transport conveyor
Dredger wire winch without hydraulic motor
136 Clam cages
2 Clam dredges with adjustable grids
25 Spare dredge blades 100x16x3600mm of HARDOX 400 steel

Each pump 300+150l/min

24,0 t. x 40m/min. both motors together
2,0 t. x 50m/min.


4 t. x 25 m/min.
Diameters = 80/40mm L=1000mm
8tm with 8m boom and 1t winch
24,0t x 40 m/min
120" wide

Wheel house equipment:
According to the buyer’s wishes.

Fish process equipment:
Specially designed for individual buyers needs

The accommodation comprises:
Two cabins, one with three berths and one with four berths.
Other quarters shall also be designed to fit a crew this size

The vessel will fulfil all requirements for stability and safety.

Painting and corrosion protection:
The vessel will be built of sandblasted and primed steel.
After building the vessel will be painted with Urethane paint.
Corrosion protection with impressed current system