P6 New Building


General arrangement - Drawing


Short specification - 6000 DWT Oil Product Tanker


LR 100 A1 +LMC, ICE1C

Main Particulars:  
Length overall 
Length p.p.
Breadth moulded
Depth to main deck
Depth to second deck 
Depth to A deck
Depth to B deck
Depth to C deck
Design Draft Moulded
Speed at sea trial at 100% load
Service Speed in ballast at MCR
Service Speed fully loaded at MCR
= 103,20 m.
= 95,93 m.
= 15,00m.
= 7,50 m
= 10,30/10,60 m
= 13,20 m
= 15,80 m
= 18,40 m
= 7,00 m
= 14,50 knots
= 13,50 knots
= 13,00 knots
10000 Nautical miles

Main machinery:
Main engine, MAN/B&W Alpha 9L27/38 3060kW at 800RPM.
Reduction gear MAN B&W 47V040S with one ower take over
for shaft generator at 1800RPM
CP Propeller 3600mm in diameter, 180RPM
Two Auxiliary engines, MAN B&W Alpha 6L16/24, each 570 kW at 1200RPM
One harbour and emergency generating set from Demp 250 kVA
Five Alva Laval fuel oil and lubricating oil separators/purifiers
One Hamworthy /Schillinger rudder and one Rolls Royce/Tenford steering gear
for 2x70° at low speed of the vessel and 2x45° at full speed.
Two electrically driven Schottel bowthrusters 300kW each with blades of CuNiAl Bronze.
Electric system, 3 x /440/240 V AC-60HZ
All pumps are from ITUR
All other machinery and equipment is from Western European manufacturer.

Cargo pumping system:
The Cargo pumps are all from the manufacturer Framo.
Discharging pumping capacity 4 x 230m3/hour.
Each cargo tank and slop tank is equipped with individual submerged cargo pump.
Each of the cargo tanks and slop tanks has a dropline to ensure quick loading,
located in a sufficient distance from cargo pump to ensure good mixing when circulating cargo and to prevent a noise generating rigid pipe arrangement.
Stripping of cargo tanks is performed with the submerged cargo pumps.

All cargo pipes are of stainless steel AISI 316L.
Max velocity in cargo pipes is 4 m/s.
The loading rate for the system is minimum 400 m3/h for each manifold.
The pumping system is capable of discharging cargo with specific gravity 0.7-1,4.
In each cargo tank and both slop tanks there is fixed two (2) tank washing machines.
The cargo loading - discharging operations is remotely controlled and monitored via
computer from an air-conditioned central control room.
The Cargo control system is from the manufacturer Scana.
All actions made with the systems controls by the cargo officers are logged.
The ullage monitoring system is with radar system in the cargo tanks and level
swithces in the slop tanks, all from Scana.
The loading computer is connected to the ullage monitoring system.
There is computerised cargo alarm system from Scana.
The vessel is with equipment for bunkering at sea.

Ballast system:
Ballast pumps, with capacity 2x500m3/hour are located submerged close to the
bottom inside the double side and shall have permanent piping arrangement for
filling and discharging of ballast tanks in cargo tank area.
The ballast pumps are made by FRAMO.
The ballast monitoring is with pressure sensors.
Two bottom valves, one in each side with strainer and remote controlled
shut off valve. shall be connected to the ballast pumps

The bridge is with built-in wings and the main navigation section in the centre for two persons.
The communication and navigation equipments in the bridge is all from renowned makers on the marked, delivered by Radiomidun, for example: MaxSea Navigation Computer, Litton Marine radars and autopilot systems, Sailor GMDSS radion station, Naviknot Speed LOg, Malling wind measuring system, Phontech intercom system, Hybrex Telephone system, Oralco video camera system and Conning Voyage Management System.

The vessel is with accommodation on board for 11 men in 11 single cabins, plus a hospital for one person, each cabin with separate toilet and shower, there are also well equipped galley, mess-room, lounge and other facilities.
The accommodation is fully air conditioned and is according to highest standard of cargo vessel's furniture and equipment.
Air condition and provision refrigerating system are from York.

Painting and corrosion protection:
There is installed an Impressed Current Cathotic Protection System (I.C.C.P.).
There is installed Electrochlorination antifouling and Cathotic (I.C.C.P.)
anticorrosion protection system for sea chests and sea water systems.
All ballast water tanks are corrosion protected with sacrificial anodes.
The vessel is painted with first class painting system from Akso Nobel/International.
The Cargo tanks and the Slop tanks are painted with amine adduct cured epoxy pain.
The Bottom, Cargo and the Slop tank coating are with three years warranty.